Korea Trip 2020 🇰🇷

Graduation trip to South Korea for 2 weeks



The ideal time to go would be in February 2020, right after our university exams. It would be a 13 day trip, with 11 days (10 nights) of actual stay in Korea and 2 days of travel.

First, we would fly from Brussels Airport (Belgium) and land in Incheon Airport (South Korea) for a 15 hour flight with a least one stop.; it would cost from 550€ depending the airline fare.

From the Incheon Airport, we have 2 ways of going to Seoul. We can either take the Express Train; it’s a 45 minute trip and it costs around 6€. Or we can take the All Stop; it’s a 1 hour trip and it costs around 3€. We would stay in Seoul for 4 days.

Our second stop would be Daegu for a 2 day stay. To get there, we would take a train from Seoul Station. There are 2 train options: we can either take the Mugunghwa train, for 3 hours and 55 minutes and it would cost 16€, or we can take the ITX-Saemaul, for 3 hours and 15 minutes and it would cost 24€.

Then continuing south, we would stay in Busan for 2 days. To get there from Daegu, we have the same 2 train options. The Mugunghwa train, for 1 hour and 35 minutes and it would cost 6€, or the ITX-Saemaul, for 1 hours and 15 minutes and it would cost 9€.

We would go all the way back to Seoul from Busan with either the Mugunghwa train, for 5 hour and 35 minutes and it would cost 22€, or the ITX-Saemaul, for 4 hours and 40 minutes and it would cost 33€, or the KTX, for 2 hours and 40 minutes and it would cost 45€.

Once at the Seoul Station, we would take the AREX Stop Train to Gimpo Airport; it takes only 20 minutes and costs only 1€. Once at the airport, we would take a plane to Jeju, for a 3 day stay. The flight would take an hour and 10 minutes and it costs about 56€, for return.

Ideally, we would want go to Jeju from Busan Airport (Gimhae) and, then we would directly go to Seoul from Jeju because the two destinations are closer and we would save so much time but that would be almost double the price of the option we’re choosing. The flight from Gimhae to Jeju costs 99€, one way, and the flight to Seoul from Jeju costs about 29€, which adds up to about 128€ instead of the 78€ for the second option.




Since we would be three people travelling, it would be a better idea to rent an airbnb instead of spending way too much on a hotel. Our budget for a night is pretty low,  we’re trying to stay under 50€ per night. Since we would pay just once for all three, it would add up to about 17€ per person, which is not a lot at all.

Budget max.

  • Seoul ⏤ 4 days ⏤ under 200€
  • Daegu ⏤ 2 days ⏤ under 100€
  • Busan ⏤ 2 days ⏤ under 100€
  • Jeju ⏤ 3 days ⏤ under 150€

= 550€ in total = 183€ per person




Total = 655€ + 44€ + € + 183€ = 882€
  • Flights
    • Brussels to Incheon (return) ⏤ around 600€
    • Gimpo to Jeju (return) ⏤ around 55€

= 655€

  • Trains 
    • Seoul to Daegu = 16€
    • Daegu to Busan = 6€
    • Busan to Seoul = 22€

= 44€

  • Public Transport
    • in Seoul = €
    • in Daegu = €
    • in Busan = €
    • in Jeju =€

= €

  • Accommodation
    • Seoul ⏤ 200€
    • Daegu ⏤ 100€
    • Busan ⏤ 100€
    • Jeju ⏤ 150€

= 550€ (max) // = 183€ (max) /person


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